You can't always get what you want...

Basic Information

I know I'll never be King. I'm not 'dragon' enough, they say. But I did not choose my parents - a dragon and an elf; how can I help what I am? So what if I can't shift? Give me what's rightfully mine!

name ||! Ardyn
species ||! pure elf/dragon/demon
age ||! 43 (looks to be 18)
birthday ||! unknown
gender ||! male
sexuality ||! straight
rank ||! prince
current occupation ||! envoy
affiliation ||! the Remnant
height ||! 5'7
weight ||! 118lb
build ||! very slight

relations ||!
HOWL|| father. Kezelia|| mother. KAVYLAR|| friend. KAZERYU|| pet.

Eyes That Burn

Prince Ardyn is an unusual young man due to his unique heritage; born of a pure elf and sired by a half-dragon royal carrying War demon blood, he has been born entirely without the expected dragonform one might expect, instead appearing as an elf of middling height.

He has two-toned white hair, carrying both the creamy tones of his father and the pure snow-white of his mother in tandem; the greater majority is a creamy off-white, while the streaks nearest his face are bright and bold, like snow in summer. He wears it short save for one or two small braids, often to the side, and it carries the fluffy, wavy quality of his father's mane rather than his mother's long and elegant tresses. He is also completely unable to grow a beard.

The prince is fair of skin and has startling blue eyes with white pupils; they glow with their own light, enhanced nominally by strong emotion, and can appear very bright and intense in the darkest nights. He's built very slender, and is rather short - he has only grown to 5'7, and is often made fun of for his height in Arrowhead, his home.

Ardyn is font of wearing light and elegant clothes instead of heavy armor; his usual attire consists of blacks and silvers with accents of white or blue, with little to no armor. He isn't afraid to show his wealth openly, and can be seen in extravagant outfits with gemstones at the shoulder and hip, placed in divine metal or darksteel. As a prince, he only buys the finest of clothes, and would rather have new ones crafted if an outfit gets ruined, rather than try to wash and repair it.

Bright as Sin

Ardyn is a very bitter and arrogant soul. Bereft of the form of a dragon and promised nothing of the Kingship he should someday inherit, due to his diluted blood, he views his home in anger and rarely returns. He and his father, Howl, do not get along - he stays most often with his mother in Rynorel if not traveling abroad, and looks upon full dragons with distaste. However, behind the bitter and angry mask, he is quite lonely, and wishes for acceptance beyond anything. Acceptance and approval from his father is a distant and feeble dream he thinks he will never achieve. He enjoys the company of friends, but is somewhat nervous about romance, and keeps those he knows at an arm's length only.

Unlike Howl, the prince is very cultured and refined, and doesn't like to play the tricks his father does as he travels far abroad; he enjoys exploring and learning new things, as knowledge is very important to him, as is reading and writing. He relishes in the chance to someday join the Order of Mages and enhance his skill and proficiency in magic and reiatsu control, though he is not yet ready to be tied to a specific place for overlong.

Though his distaste of his father's species is strong, he has a soft spot for animals - both sentient and intelligent, or dumb and slow. If he sees a creature in need, he will go to great lengths to help or save it, even at great cost to himself.

Bitter Aura

Prince Ardyn has very good reiatsu control; it is a bright blue stream of fire, often ribbonlike in nature, streaked in snowy white and quite cold when neared. He can direct it to attack an opponent and steal away their own aura if he focuses hard enough, though it can explode rather violently outwards, and may harm anyone nearby indiscriminately.

Otherwise, Ardyn has the ability to utilize the reiatsu of a Realm in small degrees, in order to 'push' someone away or 'pull' an object closer, similar to telekinesis. However, losing control is a high risk, and he can't use it for long or very often.

Loyal Friend

The prince has befriended and bonded with a small feylizard he's since named Kazeryu. She's a young light based fey with light blue markings that grand her an affinity with air - and a very faint (and often unexpected) flickr of lightning magic. He rescued her from the Faction, and has gained a worthwhile (if somewhat clingy) companion.

Who Even Remembers

Character and coding (c) me (Verridith), art to Rofeal and myself/Xikhara (feylizard design), night sky bg to Websonick. Thank you!!