* Aular Nebrielas. - - - - - - ( of the stars )
Never before have I seen such beauty; the stars so veiled before are revealed to my eyes once again. Here, among the gods, I lay down my life. And here, amid the stars, I am reborn.

Lion of Life

The great Nebrielas was once a leonine god who dictated all who fell under the guise of felines; he was the patron of all lions, the great deathcat, the werecats and more. Though a demigod in truth, he was hailed as one of the most powerful beings beneath the Five. But many years ago, he lost his godship and fell to the earth as a mortal cub, forgetting who and what he was. For centuries, the lion god walked the Realms as a mortal, reborn over and over, never truly knowing death - yet never remembering the life that came before.

Aular was the last guise that Nebrielas took, the Raizyn of the Madhros Pride and father to six young, strong cubs. In this life, he had truly found the ties that bind on soul to another, and in him began to reawaken the god. When the great beast sacrificed his life for that of the Realm's, his body was torn away - and the ethereal soul beneath revealed at last.

Relinquishing his grasp of life, Aular ascended to the stars after a tearful farewell to his mate, Celeste. Reborn as Nebrielas, he watches the world as a wise and benevolent spirit, a god who helps to guide the spirits of the lost away from the Void into the everwhite Soulplane in which they belong. In this, he is Linath's ward and servant, and a beacon of light to all who've lost hope.

Spirit of Power

As with any god, Aular's powers are vast in comparison with a mortal Vystrian lion's or deathcat's. Possessed of terrible strength and power, he can take down most dragons with a strike from a single paw, and very rarely unsheathes his claws. He is a gifted spirit-mage able to summon ghosts and spirits to serve him; mostly those of ancient ravens, white-feathered and glowing with ethereal power. He can also manipulate faded souls to a limited degree, though the use of such is very dangerous for all involved. Other powers include great empathy, and the ability to calm or enhance emotion; reading the spirits of those around him, with the ability to predict their next movement; and looking into others' pasts, gazing back into time.

Scion of Light

The Black:: Aular appears as a black lion with glowing white rune markings; they lay across his face, back and shoulders. Though the meaning and origin of these runes are unclear, they appear to be of the ancient draconic language, and hold power that lends itself to his strength. In this form, his godly abilities are limited at best.

The White:: As Nebrielas, his black pelt turns opalescent white and glows like a fallen star. His mane and tail appear to be burning with a white, colorless flame, and his multi-hued eyes leave afterimages as he moves. When he's utilizing his abilities, the runes reappear black on his gleaming pelt, devouring the light around him. These runes will overtake his body and transform him back into Aular temporarily if he exhausts his powers too much.

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Credit Where Due

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