Cassara Eversong

| Cass
| female
| looks to be 26, really is between 120 and 150 years
| elven descent
| paladin that is very skilled with a bow

ARYAX [father, deceased] ;
ELISSTRA [mother, deceased] ;
OPHELIA [sister, last seen alive] ;

VALKRYN [guardian] ;
NEFARIAN [ex-guardian, deceased] ;
PANAX [semi-guardian, deceased(?)] ;


BLIND [daughter, deceased(?)] ;
ANASTASIA [daughter] ;

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Cassara is a young elven woman with startlingly green eyes and very long, golden hair generally pulled away from her face. She has a somewhat angular face with high cheekbones and slanted eyes, ears pointed and long to depict a mixture of Heartwoodian and Vystrian heritage. Her build is slender and she is of average height, marked a mere inch beneath that of the one she loves.

Most often, Cass will be found wearing simple Vystran garb; close-fitting elven vilam and deerskin in a ranger's tunic and sparse armor, with a decorative coat or cloak over it all. Her attire generally includes long riding boots and a belt that carries various herbs and ointments in pouches, and an overlaid strap for a quiver that also houses her bow.

Being a paladin, chosen as a rare promotion from ranger, she dons a suit of white and gold armor - Halgian made - in times of war, wielding a once-bright ax tainted by the darkness long ago. When questioned about her choice of weaponry, she answers that she doesn't trust that darkness with any other - only she can contain it and control it, saving her loved ones from harm.

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This elf's emotions are much like the weather: unstable and unpredictable. She can be happy and bubbly one second, hard-headed and seething the next. When she's in a good mood, her words are filled with laughter and playfulness, and she loves to cheer those around her with tales of her travels (as well as some jokes picked up from her pairbond). She is a gentle spirit when in a good mood, and it would seem like nothing can bring her down.

However, when pressed, Cassara has a tendency to turn into a whirlwind of anger, spitting venom at whatever set her off. When in such a foul mood, she becomes cold and distant - generally choosing to disappear into the forest to cool off, away from those she might harm.

that's what i'm counting on.

Oddly for a paladin, Cassara is an exceptional archer, and a keen huntress. Trained as a ranger when she was young, her affinity for light magic and healing gained her particular notice by the elves' allies, the Halgian people, very early on. Though her training as a ranger still stands, she is as adept as any with an ax or a sword, and prides herself at the quarterstaff.

She can heal small injuries with ease, and enjoys using her light magic in time with whatever physical weapon she currently uses. And as a gift from her dragon Guardian Valkryn, she has a small stone that allows her - with a good chunk of power - to transform into a long, slender purple dragoness. However, if she uses too much energy, a primal, darker part of her may awaken, locked away long ago...

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BELORE Bow given to her when she lived in her homeland.
HELLSCREAM Her old ax was devoured by darkness, Hellscream being the end result.
STAGHELM Merely a walking stick with a stag carved into the top of it.