name;; Cloudstrike
aliases;; Cloud, gender;; male
species;; half dragon, half shadowbeast
age;; seven
birthdate;; 10th day of Coiasira, 13022
hair color;; black
eye color;; white tinted grey-green
Edge- mother. Vladimir- father.


A young human child with pale skin and a light, delicate build. He is not muscular, and may never be - physically, he is very weak. He wears dark, simple clothes most times and had little jewelry save for two small silver earrings, one in each ear, and a little ruby pendant. His hair is rather short and inky black, while his eyes are an almost unsettling shade of pupilless white.


Cloud is a timid boy who is easily frightened and scared of most things; he's very sheltered, though exceptionally kind, and believes there to be good in everyone. He's scared of large animals that aren't black or white (two colors he is oddly drawn to, perhaps because of his shadowbeast father and lightbeast aunt). Once assured of safety, however, he loves to play - and his favorite toys involve carved dragons and wooden playsets, where he can craft little stories of his own. He adores cats and rodents, as well as small lizards, though fears snakes over all that live and breathe.


Currently, Cloud has no known abilities or skills, but is thought to have some sort of alternate form or shifting gene like his mother and father - however, he seems to be sealed in human form, much like his mother. It's thought to be the same curse.


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