My dear, sweet child... how you have suffered. Come into my Light, and be healed and restored. I am here for you, little one. I am always here...


Kalina Lightbeast

Delicately built and ethereal as an angel, Daama is a kalina lightbeast unlike any other. Though she appears to be a kalina, she is born of two dragon gods and thus has a more draconic appearance than most; she is also the long-standing Ether of Evylon, which has granted her an otherworldly beauty far apart most others. Soft, velveteen white fur covers a soft and supple hide over a body built like a greyhound. Large wings with furlike feathers that transition into flat panes of multicolored light spread from her back, rendering her fully flightworthy.

Her legs are long, thin, and like a deer, with small claws tipping delicate paws. Feathers frame her face and can be found beneath her mane of long, fluffy white fur streaked in a white gold. Her tail is very fluffy, and quite long, almost doubling her entire length.

Her eyes are a dark, silvery blue, and she has two golden horns that sprout above them to jut out over her neck. She also is fond of wearing slender golden jewelry, and is never found without a thin gold band with a white crystal at its center, shaped like a flat scale.

Angelic Avian

Rarely, Daama may take the form of an avian woman with pale skin and the same lightbeast wings, feathers spread through long white hair. Her face is slender and eyes doelike, becoming as blue as the sky; her build is very thin, and gives her the appearance of a delicate elf. In this form, she wears all white, little jewelry, though often wears a small circlet to match her necklace.


Raised as a kalina lightbeast, though both her father and mother were not, Daama shares many of their values. She believes there is light in every being, great and small; that even the most evil of creatures have the propensity to do good deeds. Growing up, she was honored as a child of the gods, and thus sees all creatures as children to be protected. She guides any and all towards the Light, and grieves for those completely lost to darkness, those she cannot reach. She would much rather fall back on negotiation than base fighting. She is unconfrontational until forced; however, if any who she cares for are threatened, she will defend them with her life.

Regarded as a goddess by those of Evylon, her chosen Realm, she remains neutral about their worship and her position among them. She doesn't like to be held in such a high position, and dissuades worship when and where she can.



Daama is a master of light, and a servant of the gods of light, serving as the Ether's leader and the 'Hand of the Gods' when new Ethers are chosen. She is able to bend rays of light to her leisure, as well as moonlight and starlight, focusing it into energy, shields, blasts, and many other things. She's considered one of the most skilled healers in all the Realms, and known to have saved many with grievous, mortal wounds with little risk of overtax.

She has a very limited degree of weather manipulation, and can read signs of destiny within the stars. Being the daughter of both Scylla and Zacyn, she is far more powerful than any traditional lightbeast, be it kalina or orthae.


Being a lightbeast, Daama is exceptionally weakened by total darkness, where there is no light but her own. In starless Realms during the night, such as Kurai, her light will begin to dim and she will become weak and lethargic until she is able to absorb any sort of light; this includes starlight and artificial light, such as that given off by any sort of flame.

In battle, she is highly susceptible to darkness attacks, which, if hit by one, can be devastatingly debilitating. When fighting at night, she runs a much greater risk of expending her energy than in the daytime or beneath a full moon, where there is always more light energy to consume. If she runs out of energy, the panes of light upon her wings will be lost, and she will be unable to fly.


name;; Daama Dreamcatcher
gender;; female
species;; lightbeast
age;; unknown
birthdate;; unknown
parents;; Scylla and Zacyn
Vladimir- brother.
Tefla- pairbond.
Luna- daughter.
Gene- son.
Edge- friend.
Cloud- friend.
Nagase- friend.
All Ethers- friends/allies.


Coding & Character (c) Blazeh
Art (c) Sashawren and SpiritSai.