Danae Dawnguard

| Danae; sometimes called Danni or Nae, but hates these
| female
| appears around 18
| half elf, half human
| assassin and guard

unknown ;

SHYUN [friend] ;
CASSARA [friend] ;
ANASTASEA [friend] ;
VALKRYN [friend] ;

previous affiliations
unknown ;

a cloak of shadows

Danae is a young woman with elven blood, marked in her slender features and slightly pointed ears. She has pale skin and bi-colored eyes - the left a deep sea green, and the right a sky blue - as well as long, midnight-black hair. She wears close-fitting, dyed vilam, colored a deep red. Over this, she likes to don black-dyed leather with few decorations, though she's very fond of painted leaves and small stones.

to hide the light

Danae is quiet and withdrawn; slightly reserved. Shy around those she doesn't know, and very secretive about things at times. Incredibly stubborn and a bit argumentative, she's firm in her limited beliefs and holds true to what she is no matter the occasion.

Toward those she knows, she's kind and loyal. Danae is very loving towards those she considers family, and would go to any lengths to protect them. She's a ruthless killer in battle.

ever guarding the sun

Though she hasn't manifested any powers as yet, she is well versed in the ways of stealth and secrecy. She's an ample swordswoman and is skilled in both archery and throwing knives, as well as both offensive and defensive tactics with long daggers and dirks. She's been classified as an assassin before, and she's considered joining the Onyx Faction, though hasn't taken any steps in that direction.

Her greatest ability is that of remaining unseen; it's said that she's been trained in the art of the Heartwoodian ranger, and has mastered moving without sound or detection. She knows all of the ranger signs and signals, as well as how to mask her tracks and scent.

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