& Edge Soulrift
I thought I had everything; but then everything ran away. I was chained to the ground, my wings stripped, as I watched all that I love

|| a shattered tale

name;; Zirael Soulrift (took the name of Edge)
gender;; female
birthdate;; 2nd day of Elen, 2,071
species;; dragon (trapped in human form)
rank;; knight of the Beryl (former heiress of Hell)
mother;; Cerise (dragoness)
father;; Kairn Hellfire (dragon mage masquerading as a human)
Zoik- brother.
Red- leader.
Shadis- good friend.
Saegra- friend.
Bird- good friend.
Zunin- friend?
Darte- friend.
Kotori- lost love.
Sentin- deceased love
Gilgamesh- love
Vladimir- friend? raepfaic
Cloud- son.

|| at point blank

Once the heiress of Hell, brought up to lead denizens filled with unlife and fire, this sharp-tongued spitfire had once been reduced to a wandering mother trying to care for her fatherless child. Since then, she's taken the role of a Knight of the Beryl, under the rule of her lover, Lord Gilgamesh. She is a trusted friend of Verridith, and has vowed to put an end to the Faction of Hope and everything they've ever stood for. Especially since this war - and Orochi, the serpent king - have taken more lives of friends she's known than any other.

Defensive and quick to anger, Edge is defiant to anything and everything; lest it comes from the mouth of one who she respects, or the great Snakra's serpent tongue. Highly temperamental, she lashes out reflexively with envenomed words, eyes flashing with dragonfire. If angered, even by those she loves, a gentle touch could turn suddenly into a solid punch - with a verbal flaying to boot.

Once her trust has been attained, Edge is protective as a mother hen, attacking anything that should prove a danger to those she cares about. Though she can't shift into her dragon's true, physical form, her voice and actions can be touched with a hint of a snarl, the heat of fell flame. She loves children and is as tender with them as her own son, who is her pride and joy despite his violent heritage. Inside, she yearns for a time away from her past; a place where she can raise Cloudstrike with the adoptive father Gilgamesh has promised to be. Despite this, she's taken strides to pull away from her past in other ways, and determinedly forces a dogged path through Felnova's harsh wartime.

|| carved into a bullet

In appearance, she is a voluptuous young woman, tall and slender with a shock of dark-red hair that frames a sculpted face. She normally wears a thin headband to keep the hair from her grey-green eyes, better for both marking her next target and not losing sight of her friends in battle. Edge wears a close-fitting tunic of red vilam, elven-made with a high throat and small pendant glinting gold. Over this she dons a night-black coat edged in silvery blue, golden designs threading its length. Across her breasts and stomach, it's tied loosely closed by thin gold wire, beads made of dragonscale - a testament to what she used to do under her father's reign, before she broke away - dangling at their center.

Little is known of the dragonform that is lost to her, though her appearance in it has been made known. What powers she may have possessed, however, will perhaps be lost forever. Below is an image of what her dragonform appears to be.

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|| gunfire's roar

Edge has three most-used weapons; two of which have been revealed, one simply mentioned. A long-barreled, black-steel pistol [pictured below] with bullets containing the power to eat away at the spirit itself, deadly even with a grazing shot. If hit, one would have to sever the burning flesh, or be destroyed in a matter of moments. Dhath's energy within the pistol tears away reiatsu and absorbs it, feeding the god and stealing away the life of its opponent. As such, she uses it against beasts like snakekind and shriekans easily, but loathes using it against other dragons, elves or any of the free races. If pitted against someone like this, warning shots are used; but a killing shot is hard to deal.

Her second weapon is a last resort - a curved dagger fit into a decorative handle of dragon talons, with the same soul-eating qualities of the gun if cut deeply enough. Notwithstanding, a scathing hit is not as dangerous and can be countered with a simple healing spell.


|| war of the mind

Edge's mindscape is that of a serene valley filled with grass and rimmed in tall, snow-capped mountains. A simple river cuts through it, and a large tree rises from it center.

Her mindbeast, however, is much more violent - a fiery lioness that appears more and more demonic the angrier she gets. Pictures of this lioness are shown below.

|| soundtrack to the soul

Tourniquet by Evanescence
I tried to kill the pain
But only brought more
(so much more)

I lay dying and I'm pouring
Crimson regret
And betrayal

I'm dying, praying
Bleeding, I'm screaming
Am I too lost to be saved?
Am I too lost?

My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation
My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation

Do you remember me?
Lost for so long
Will you be on the other side?
Or will you forget me?

I'm dying, praying
Bleeding and screaming
Am I too lost to be saved?
Am I too lost?

My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation
My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation

Return to me salvation
I long to die

My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation
My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation

My wounds cry for the grave
My soul cries for deliverance
Will I be denied, Christ?
Tourniquet, my suicide

|| this is to whom we owe the honors

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