Eva Soulbond

heart of gold

Despite being born the smallest of the litter, Eva hasn't let that get to her. She tries to be as tough as a male lion, wanting to never back down from a fight or challenge that she might stumble upon. She is very focused once her mind is set to a task, barely straying from her mission unless it is absolutely dire for her to do so. Her stubborn behavior has it's costs, though, and has made it more difficult for the little lioness to make friends.

Once someone gets past the rough front she puts up, they can see that Eva is actually a very kind individual, who will shower affection on those most dear to her heart. More of a take-charge kind of gal, she vies to become a great leader like her mother.

glimmering bright

Some weak Light abilities at first, only to grow stronger as she matures. Though very interested in healing, she has just begun to discover a beautiful, white fire; divine flames, ans she calls them. As she grows, it will become much stronger - this fire will be able to consume an enemy in light-elemental flames, causing initial damage, as well as burning the enemy for the next few seconds. The length can be shortened if Eva wants it to be.

One she has been working on for many a day is a bright healing 'pulse', if you will, one taught to her by an older lioness before she died. A healing pulse which will not only heal Eva, but anyone within a certain amount of feet around her. This can also deal damage to enemies within the area, as well. This will drain a lot of energy when used, and would only be used if in a large group scenario. She hasn't yet mastered its use, and it drains her immensely when used, but it's her favorite (and flashiest) thing to do.

A barrier spell that she's wanted to learn will be able to create a shimmering, golden bubble to surround the lioness and anyone who stands within five feet of her, protecting them from magical damage. However, since this is a channeled spell, concentration is required. If concentration is broken during the channeling of the barrier, Eva can be drained of all energy. Can be moved away from her body and placed anywhere within a hundred yard range.

Light of the Lost

Many years ago, Eva's father, Aular - also known as the leonine god, Nebrielas - met a lioness named Panax. Wracked with an illness that would eventually claim her life, she requested of the great lion to grant her one, final boon; that her soul would be reborn into the body of one of his children, so that she may return and continue to protect those whom she loved.

Though little Eva has yet to meet her Guarded one, Shyun, she holds the same protective spirit Panax does. As she ages, her light yellow markings continue to deepen and darken, growing to match those that her former self had so long ago.

basic memories

name;; Eva Soulbond.
species;; Vystrian lion.
age;; 2 years.
gender;; female.

affinity;; light.
specialty;; healing and minor light spells.

pride;; Mahdros.
rank;; cub.

Aular- father.
Celeste- mother (deceased).
Panax- reincarnated soul.
Shyun- bonded.
Eleusis- friend.


Coding (c) Blazeh; art (c) Blazeh, Kirra and Dawnfeather.