Iriiliae Starsinger
Under the starry skies, where eagles have flown...


Name: Iriiliae.
Surname: Starsinger.
Species: elemental.
Subspecies: aura.
Gender: female.
Age: 152 years.
Height: 5'8
Alignment: light.

Familial Relations:
Nema- mother (deceased).
Fanost- father (deceased).
Trikym- brother (deceased).

Other Relations:
Caele- ???
Talos- friend.
Alaekeira- friend (ghost).
Rennati- friend (ghost).
Arthasraelyn- friend.

Little fey

Thymos is a small feylizard with silver eyes and iridescent purple scales streaked with lightning-like stripes of pure white. He also sports two kudu-styled horns upon his head, silvery white in color, as well as spikes along his wing arms, thighs, and all down his back and tail.

His coloration marks his abilities; he is able to manipulate reiatsu in small doses, and enjoys breathing opalescent fire at anyone who may anger or irritate him - his own unique aura. He also is able to heal very small wounds by breathing this flame upon them, should he want to, though does not often deign to heal any but his partner Iriiliae.

The tiny wyvern is small even by feylizard sizes, and is very quick to anger. He sometimes even still bites Iri, and often flies at the faces of strangers spitting and hissing in an attempt to drive them away from her.


Iriiliae has a few possessions she's kept over the years, small items that almost never leave her person. When shifting, she will convert their essences into aura as closely guarded as her own lifeforce; these can be seen as alternate, glowing orbs in her true form.

Currently, she has only two:
- crystal arrowhead; a triangular diamond of purple and blue, left to her by her brother when he died.
- hellfire stone; a small, smooth, round crystal swirling with silver and red; said to be crystallized hellfire. given to her by Caele.

Painted memories

Hold these honors

Character originally designed and created by Xikhara and adapted by myself!

Text/info (c) me, except history, which was too beautifully written so it is fully credited to Hara with edits and additions by myself <3

Art (c) Xikhara (dA), Kawaikoko (BTACD), Sterling-Raven (dA), Cosmiccolours-art (Tumblr), Amanmir (dA), Cobaltskye (dA), Gravewalker (FurAffinity) and myself!

A study in light

Iriiliae is an aura elemental; as such, she may take any possible organic form with a limited degree of energy loss, and may come across as a simple shapeshifter to some. Like all of her kind, she is betrayed by her eyes, which constantly swirl with her aura - a dark purple shading to sky blue - and have no true, visible pupils in any of her forms.

Humanoid Form

Most often, Iriiliae may be found in humanoid form. In this form, she looks much like a pure elf - her skin is pale, with a slight rosy tint to her face, her eyes are aura-bright, and her hair is white as new-fallen snow. She often wears her hair long, and it is most often wavy, falling to the middle of her back. Though of middling height - at 5'8 - she is lithe and delicately built, but possesses a presence and quiet power about her that may be felt more than seen.

Iriiliae is fond of elven clothing in whites, blues, and opalescent shades. She wears everything from battle-dresses to garb similar to what an elven ranger may wear, tailored in her preferred hues. However, in this form, she wears a distinctive jewel around her throat. It shimmers and gleams with a beautiful spectrum of blues, purples, magentas, and teals, the colors swirling sluggishly within the arrowhead-shaped crystal.

When using her magic, changing forms, gripped with strong emotion, or simply when she wishes to display them, swirling markings appear upon her skin. They glow with light of varying intensity, and are colored in a spectrum ranging from sky blue all the way through to deepest purple, and everything in-between. These swirl around her eyes and down her cheeks, across her shoulders, down her midriff, around her arms, down her back, and across her legs from thigh to calf.

Animal Forms

As an aura elemental, Iriiliae may shift into whatever living organism she desires. All have pelts, hides, and scales of white unless she uses her magic, in which the same curling markings appear. As with her humanoid form, her eyes betray her for what she is. These are her favored forms.

Panther Form: In her most favored animal form, she appears to be a big cat most resembling a spotless, white leopard in build. Her fur does not shine or gleam in its natural state, but has a soft, matte look, as if it absorbed rather than reflected light. Her fur is short and incredibly soft, and she appears to have a slight rosy tint to it in full light.

Unusually, in this form she has subtle silver shading her paws, the tip of her tail, and just above her eyes. The same swirling markings show up on this form as well when she uses her magic, is affected by great emotion, or wishes to display them; they curl around her eyes, across her chest, along her legs, down her back and to her tail.

Otter Form: One of her favorite forms is that of an otter, pure white with a lithe, small build. Her sleek fur is silken and glossy in this form, and does not have the usual rosy tint; instead, it appears nearly opalescent, especially in strong light. The silver is much less pronounced in this form, but is still there. Like her other shapes, swirling markings show up on this form as well when she uses her magic, is affected by great emotion, or wishes to display them; these curl around her eyes, on the underside of her neck, then on her shoulders, thighs, and tail.

Falcon Form: Thirdly is that of a pure white gyrfalcon; though not a form she takes often, she uses it more and more frequently. Unlike her other forms, her silver markings are gone, replaced with a grey-blue that sheaths her scaled legs and hooked beak in the same flat hue. Her feathers are somewhat glossy, but are not opalescent like her otter form, and each one shimmers with a slightly pink hue when in direct sunlight. Her aura markings show up on this form as well when she uses her magic, is affected by great emotion, or wishes to display them; they swirl around her eyes, across the back of her neck to her wings, tail, and legs.

Wolf Form: A form she has come to like well is that of a delicately-built she-wolf of snowy white, with a short tail and medium-length fur. In this shape, her fur color is much like her panther form - a flat matte, but soft and silken to the touch. It has a rosy hue in bright light, and has silver shading on all four paws and just above her eyes. As with all her shifts, swirling markings show up on this form as well when she uses her magic, is affected by great emotion, or wishes to display them; they swirl around her eyes, along her ears, down her chest, along her legs, down her back and through her tail.

True Form

As with all aura elementals, Iriiliae has a true form; a form she rarely takes willingly, but one she will automatically revert to when dangerously low on energy, severely wounded, or otherwise close to death.

This true form is a small - not more than a few feet in diameter usually - swirl of reiatsu that appears like fire in hues of blues, indigos, purples, and pinks. At the center of the conflagration can be found a series of small floating orbs that shine brightly blue, and serves as the very core of her being. This dazzling array of smokey, ethereal color appears as anything from ethereal smoke to blazing fire that surrounds these glowing orbs, depending on her level of strength at any given time. Sometimes, these may be accompanied by tiny, glowing particles that sparkle much like stars.

When low on energy or heavily wounded, she is not able to change forms. This is her most dangerous state, and one she cannot control; for her aura will suck the energy away from any living thing her true form touches until she is no longer in danger of death.

Heart of gold

Most often, Iriiliae is a kind and gentle individual; she is very sweet, and is known to be cheerful and curious. She does not get close to people or trust others easily, but when she's comfortable with someone, she opens up to them and can be somewhat sassy and teasing, all in good fun.

In all of her forms, she enjoys physical contact with those she trusts, and may curl around them in an animal form and purr for as long as they will tolerate it. Sometimes, she may purr to reassure others, to calm herself, or simply because she is happy. Otherwise, she likes to give gentle touches - such as the brush of a hand on someone's shoulder - to let them know she's there, or to gain comfort that they are together. She loves deeply, and enjoys the company of close friends and animals.

Because of her past, Iriiliae is quick to place blame for anything bad that happens around her upon herself. Though she very rarely expresses this, it drives much of her fear of attachment, and even worms its way into established relationships. When the guilt becomes too much, she may disappear - either briefly or long-term - to calm herself, thinking that others are safer without her bad luck about them.

However, Iriiliae has a presence about her that whispers of power; when angered, she can get dangerous, and somewhat frightening to behold. She may use the fact that she is an aura elemental to intimidate an enemy into leaving her and those she cares for alone, often displaying her glowing markings as a sort of shimmering threat display.

Normally, however, she's simply a floof that likes cuddles.

Dazzled by an aurora

Like all aura elementals, Iriiliae may shift form at will to any living being, animalistic or humanoid. While she can change almost any aspect of her body in these changes - such as build or hair style, variant of animal, etc - she usually defaults to keeping her delicate, lithe appearance, and her forms always hold a certain fragile grace to them. Her forms are always white in base color, with swirling markings in the color of her aura when using her magic, gripped by great emotion, or when she wishes to display them. As always, her swirling eyes give her away in every form.

These forms - save for her glowing true form - are all susceptible to physical damage, and her blood flows as red as any. As she normally adopts delicate shapes, she is especially vulnerable to blunt attacks and broken bones, though these are easily mended if she has time to focus on them and heal them over.

Iriiliae has an extensive control over her aura, and can call forth her reiatsu to use at will. Her reiatsu manifests as a glowing blue and purple flame, stricken through with violets, pinks, and whites on occasion. She is able to use it offensively and defensively both, though the more she uses it the more taxing it becomes; drawn-out battles may drain her to the point of overtax, where she may revert to her dangerous true form to avoid death. In addition, she's also capable of manifesting it into near-solid shapes and items for very brief periods of time. She is also able to see the aura around living things, and can focus on it to the exclusion of all else if she wants to, or blot it out nearly completely.

Her most used ability, however, is her affinity for healing. While she has no true elemental control, her reiatsu seems to hold properties of light, and she is able to heal by covering the wound or the entire being with her reiatsu and sharing her life-force with the damaged cells. While healing small wounds is often no problem for her, larger injuries may become dangerously taxing, and she may easily overtax if she isn't careful. The element of darkness is severely damaging to her when struck with it offensively, and such injuries are nearly impossible for her to heal swiftly or without great cost

On the other hand, Iriiliae is able to do the opposite of healing in extreme cases; she may absorb an opponent's reiatsu for short periods of time, and may utilize that energy against them. However, she does not use it often or much for if she absorbs too great an amount, her body cannot handle the overflow of energy and her heart may fail.

Oddly enough, Iriiliae may 'purr' in all of her animal forms.

Haunted by the past

Iriiliae never knew her mother, Nema, an aura elemental like herself, who passed away shortly after her birth due to unknown complications the healers attending could not fix. She was raised by an overprotective father, an aura elemental named Fanost, who wanted the best for her and her storm-elemental brother, Trikym.

Thankfully, neither her father nor her brother blamed Iriiliae for her mother's death, and she grew up under their sheltering presences, learning the gentle ways of the world. She was not allowed near others, for she resembled her mother closely, and to lose her would be to lose her mother all over again.

So Iriiliae grew, and knew nothing but happiness for the first sixteen years of her life. Then on the day she turned twenty-three, her brother - always so fiercely protective - had gone to get his little sister a gift. He never returned, and though her father searched for moths, there was no sign of him.

Years passed without word from her missing brother, and Iriiliae grew and blossomed into a young woman. On her fortieth birthday in her late adolescence, however, Iriiliae's brother returned to the father and daughter. The two, overjoyed to see him, rushed to welcome their long-lost family member; it was a tragic mistake that haunts Iriiliae to this day.

For reasons unknown to her at the time, he attacked their father. Caught off-guard, Fanost held his ground for a few minutes before he was overtaken by Trikym's increased power, and fell to grievous wounds inflicted by his own son.

However, the storm elemental's attack did not cease there; with the death of his father, Trikym turned to his sister, who fled for her life. Having spent too much of his energy in the battle with his father, Trikym overtaxed while chasing his sister and succumbed to the Void, leaving nothing behind but a single crystal arrowhead.

Left suddenly on her own, long before she was ready, Iriiliae slipped into the real world alone, the arrowhead hanging from her neck by a thin leather cord.

She found quickly that the world was not what her father had made it to be; the people in it were coarse, nothing like the gentle treatment she was used to. More than once she barely escaped as people tried to capture and use her for their own benefit.

Iriiliae wandered alone for three years before she was stumbled upon by an old, kind dragon mage. He took the frightened girl under his wing, and taught her the true ways of the world. He was a hard teacher, and though progress was slow for the first year, Iriiliae's learning began to pick up speed and she learned much under his tutelage for four more years after that.

However, such a time could not be allowed to last. On her forty-eighth birthday, the mage was killed by a student that had become corrupted, and Iriiliae was once more forced to flee. However, now she was far more prepared for the world, and began her journey around the Realms, seeking out those who needed her help the most, but never truly belonging anywhere. To this day, Iriiliae believes her birthday is a day of horrors, and steals away from all others for the duration of the day, so that those she cares for will not be affected.

For a time, she wandered; every birthday that came she would tuck herself away in the darkest corner she could find, and wait it out where no-one could be harmed. It became so habitual that even a century of little happening did nothing to change her mind.

She found herself in Noctis and spent some years there, after a foray on one such day where a Marker-broken portal did not take her where she wished. Mesmerized by the beauty of the Realm, she made her home in the sky-islands, and thus came across a starved and dying dragon half-buried in thick foliage. She set to saving him - healing his injuries, keeping him alive - and barely stopped before she overtaxed herself. She was met by the dragon's furious rider, who thought she had been killing the Gold - but his skydeer companion stopped him, just as she collapsed from the great lack of energy.

Later, she learned that the rider's name was Caele, his dragon Talos; and the flighty skydeer was Alaekeira. Taking care of Talos helped her to get to know all three, and she began to fancy the dark elf. She attempted to convince herself that her terrible luck would get them all killed, but stayed with them, if only to continue caring for the Gold.

However, when Alaekeira was killed by a deathcat - and Caele sent into a tail-spin of grief - she was there to comfort him, and bring him back from the precipice upon which he stood. She brought him down from the grief, soothed his mind with a mixture of healing magic and emotion that forged a bond between them she would never forget. The aura elemental did everything she could to keep him grounded, and when the terrible despair had passed, found herself falling for the stricken dragonrider in a way she had never before experienced.

When Talos was well enough to travel, they went to Evylon; Heartwood, a homeland Caele often felt closer to than his Felnovian birthplace. She marveled at the Realm's almost-palpable aura, at its beautiful forests and lovely skies. When he took her to the city, she was likewise amazed - she'd never been to a place such as this.

It was there that she met little Thymos, a feylizard she adopted as a pet. She watched him be hatched, and immediately was drawn to his tiny ire; he was born with a slightly malformed foot, one she spent much time fixing with her healing energies. Now, the little fey is full-grown - though still very small - and travels with her everywhere.

However, despite her love for the dark elf, when her birthday came she was seized by the sudden, inescapable terror she had long come to know, a trepidation that something terrible would happen to him. Something she could not reverse. And so, she fled without a word of goodbye - and quashed her own severe feelings in an effort to tell herself it was for the best. For his safety, and for the safety of all she came in contact with.

For some time, she wandered the wilds of Evylon, mostly avoiding those who might spot her. She missed Caele, missed her friends, bet had fully convinced herself it was for the best. When the Twin War forced refugees from Felnova into other Realms, she finally found purpose in tending to the sick and wounded in camps that popped up beneath the boughs of the protective trees.

Becoming involved again - seeing the tortures and despair the wars have brought - pushed her to make a decision, and she began to help in earnest. Now, she is considered one of Heartwood's most capable healers, and she has a small home nestled deep within the forest's untouched depths.