/// Kaiba 换

- wishing you were here ;;


Kai is a young boy who fantasizes about becoming a world-renowned bard; he devours stories and music, and loves to retell them to all of his friends. Gentle and kind, he's much like his father, whom he idolizes. Though too young yet to fight on his own, he's shown an interest in throwing daggers and sleight-of-hand tricks, as well as hand-to-hand defensive tactics taught by Ram'r.

When a friend is in trouble, he would do anything to save them - family even moreso. He values life over everything, and thinks the world of any who share the same views. Someday, he wants to be a warrior-bard who travels the Realms and uplifts the morale of all of Vystriana's allies.

Abilities and Magic

Inherited from his father's dormant power passed on by Rina's connection to the Soulplane, Kai has a close connection with ghosts and spirits. He can see and sense even the invisible souls too weak to take physical form. For the strongest spirits masquerading as the living, he sees their aura as a halo of color around them, marking them for what they are.

Honorable Mention

Coding credited to myself, Blazeh; artwork by the wonderful and esteemed Saige! Child gallery image by Graph.

Basic Info

name;; Kaiba (Kai)
behind the name;; elven for 'not to die' or 'never to die'
gender;; male
species;; human
age;; 7 years old
birthday;; 50th day of Coiasira
hair color;; black
eye color;; blue
weapon of choice;; throwing daggers; sleight of hand.
secondary;; illusions.
links;; Ram'r- father. Amory- mother. Shyun- adopted uncle. Cipher- friend. Sil'na- deceased friend. Quetz- deceased very good friend.


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