Leon Ravenwing
this final chapter

Hell's Messenger

I am Leon Ravenwing, an avian of twenty-three years granted immortality and the ability to fly with a pair of long-feathered ravens' wings. I was saved from death and dragged to Hell, wondering at my fate; I had done little wrong. But once I met Lord Kairn, everything changed. Even after all these years, even after his death, I still serve the Land of Fire. And now, I look to the horizon's dawn, and wonder:
what fate does tomorrow bring?


Leon is a tall young avian with medium-length, tousled brown hair and eyes of the same shade. He usually wears a trenchcoat - most often brown or dark grey - over a cream-white tunic and a pair of deerskin breeches. Around his waist he wears a belt that holds a few pouches, twin daggers and sometimes a small sword, though he's admitted to liking the use of a crossbow over all. On his back lay a pair of large feathered wings, colored black and glossy much like a raven's, enabling him to fly as easily as any bird or dragon. Though the gaining of these wings was painful, he considers it a blessing to be able to fly.


Leon acts carefree and optimistic; but this jovial facade hides a very lonely face. Underneath his joking exterior, he reflects on his past every moment he's alone, dwelling on a history he thinks he can't escape. When insulted, or hearing an insult about one he considers a friend, he is quick to anger and loses the careful facade, more prone to dangerous mistakes and offensive comments. He fears losing himself to Desraier's dark magic, however, and in these states of anger the Soulgem is at its strongest.


The Soulgem he carries with him has the ability to transform into a black-wood crossbow at will, with darts filled with an intoxicating venom that slowly drives the victim insane with irrational hunger and fear. Though he prefers to use this as a means to incapacitate his opponent and then either kill them with a dagger or knock them unconscious until the effects wear off, Desraier isn't always so kind. The spirit resting inside this Gem has bonded itself to Leon's soul and can sometimes overtake his thoughts, driving him to more power, yes - but deep and unfettered madness as well. His other abilities include some skill with the longbow and varied swords, as well as a peculiar mix of both light and dark magic to be summoned at will.

Side Note: species

Leon cannot be considered fully human any longer; he was transformed into an avian by Kairn's magic, though he was born as a human.


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name » Leon Ravenwing
species » avian
gender » male
age » immortal; trapped at 23
birthdate » 53rd day of Ilmen
hair color » brown
eye color » brown
height » 5'11
primary weapon » crossbow
secondary weapons » a mixture of light and dark magic, or a shortsword


Carol- lost love. Strix- lost friend. Megiddo- master. Kairn- deceased master. Fury- deceased brother. Caele- friend. Desraier- object of hatred.


Coding to Blazeh (myself); images (c) Vaheoke on dA, as well as artists on ChickenSmoothie and Gryffs. I forgot your names, I'm sorry! D8 If you see this, please message me so I can properly credit you~