Loki Lionheart

Nothing quite like
stealing one's heart

the Basics

full name \\ Loki Lionheart
name \\ Loki

species \\ dragon
subtype \\ western
color \\ bronze

age \\ ~200; young adult
gender \\ male
birthdate \\ 24th of Meiva

the Bonds

Vaun \\ bonded rider
Kain \\ friend
Aular \\ friend/mentor

the Dastardly Dragon

Loki is a dragon who is fully, self-admittedly, narcissistic; he is obsessed with everything having to do with himself, often to the detriment of everyone except his bonded Rider. He keeps his scales beautifully shiny, and becomes rather pitiful when he's forced to do work that at all may endanger himself or the lion xeriin he'd bonded to. He is a ladies man to an extreme, and has often boldly stated that someday, when their band gathers a hoard of jaden, he will buy himself a harem of females.

To those he cares for, he is slightly less arrogant, and could even be called kind. However, this particular dragon prides himself on the ability to impress and seduce any female, of any species, even if the end result is more often than not completely opposite of what he desires. He preens himself whenever left to his own devices, and is quick to check out any new females - dragon or otherwise - that may join the band.

the Scales like Coins

Loki is a western dragon with bronze scales, lighter undertones in his wings, frills, muzzle and forelegs. He wears thin bandages around both wrists for unknown reasons (many have decided it's dragon 'fashion', designed to bring about the ladies), as well as several studs in his tail, a tail ring, and a golden pendant.

the Talons of a Warrior

Unlike many others, Loki abhors the use of portals, instead choosing to use his own method - that of swift, instantaneous, teleportation.

He's able to bypass portals completely, and travel between Realms utilizing the Void, as many Ethers do. However, this teleportation is much faster than an Ether or god will generally use, though he cannot use it more than a handful of times before he begins to tire.

the Credits

Coding & character (c) Blazeh; art (c) Winterosprey, KennonInk and myself.