Luna Lunaria- - - -.- *

the basic

name \\ Luna Lunaria
gender \\ female
species \\ avian/lightbeast
element \\ light
birthday \\ 9th of Coiasira
age \\ nine

little Luna

Born from the union of an avian Lord and a lighbeast Ether, the Ibenian leader Tefla and Evylon's Ether, Daama. Luna is a little girl who's as angelic as they come, wanting to spread her happiness wherever she walks. Though she most resembles a winged pure elf in appearance, she is nothing quite so ethereal, and is known as one of the most kind and gentle souls in all the Realms.


Coding and character (c) me. Art to an amazing person on Wajas (I forgot your name omg! If you see this, contact me!)

her divinity

Born with an ingrained sense of the world far beyond that of her peers, Luna discovered the magic of light before she was a year old. She is able to speak to and understand all types of spirits, but finds that those faded are the most interesting, and powerful, of any - such Ancients who cannot speak to others she may read without uncertainty or fear. Though she's capable of pure light magic, she prefers to 'request' power from these faded souls, and bind the energy that they grant her to far more refined purposes, mostly healing and purifying away diseases.

However, should the Ancients find some flaw in her request, a lack of proper respect and humility, or anything else that they dislike whatsoever, they may channel an incredible amount of energy through the girl's body and burn away any life that she may touch. Often, she is unable to control their fury until her body's energy reserves are spent, and she blacks out. After this happens, the bond is broken - but the damage is often irreparable, and many lives may be lost before it comes to a halt.

Since Orochi's taint has taken control of her mind, he has the ability to initiate the anger of the ancient, faded spirits on his own, and channel their energy through her at any target he points her at. She's a one-use weapon and is incredibly volatile, though one of his most powerful weapons to date.

such serenity

Luna is a bright, bubbly little girl, wanting nothing more than to become the best healer she can possibly be. She loves to help people, and never willingly hurts a fly, often prone to emotional bouts of crying should she harm anyone or anything. For the few that the Ancients have killed, she constantly mourns, and keeps small shrines in her room in Ibenia as a tribute to their souls. She speaks with spirits often, and tells stories to them through windows she can see into the Spirit Realm from. As such, she may appear to be talking to herself the majority of the time, happily rambling on about some topic or another. She's very kind, and loves animals, to the point of taking care of several small birds, squirrels, mice and rats that she's saved from injuries over the years.

this eternity

As a cross between lightbeast and avian, she is a very slender girl-child with long, slightly wavy white hair, and half-grown feathered wings white in color. As she moves, these wings give off an odd, reflective radiance, glittering in the sunlight and all but glowing in the moonlight. Her skin is very pale, and her eyes are a very bright blue, the color of the sky, with pupils faded like an Ancient dragon's.

Most often, Luna will wear slim blue dresses with ribbons tied to her arms, generally long enough so that she can trail them behind her and dance with them through the air. She often goes barefoot, and is fond of lightweight fabrics, billowing sleeves, and light cloaks. Her two necklaces are comprised of a small blue, sapphire pendant, and a secondary one formed of gold in the shape of a flying bird.