Razya is a Vystrian wolf of around six decades old. She is the Seer of the Myr pack and is mated to the direwolf Karkaras. She has had a single litter of pups, however all of her children are since deceased.


This she-wolf is a creamy off-white color, marked with stripes of red and purple. She's built very delicately, foxlike, and is one of the smallest members of the pack. A line of feathers sprouts from her forehead and trails down her back and neck, all the way to the base of her tail. Her eyes are a sharp scarlet, and when Dreamwatching or in the midst of a vision, they appear pupilless (though she may also 'hide' her pupils at will, for various reasons). Small blue gemstones float around her neck and tail, constantly floating, thought to be indestructible and warm to the touch.


As a Seer, Razya has the ability to peer into the future - though not at will. Visions come to her often, some small and some large, and she may See happenings even in the middle of a conversation or other activity that she is often able to continue doing without pause.

Razya is also a Dreamseer, and can use the blue stones around her neck and tail to see the dreams of others. However, she cannot interact with these dreams, and looking into them will often tire her easily. Oddly enough, she claims to be incapable of dreaming herself, and will either See visions of the future, or watch another's dream without them knowing during her sleep.

Lastly, she has limited control over the elements of fire and air, though she very rarely chooses to use them, instead deferring to her Vision and Dreamseeing. She is not skilled offensively, and is not strong, though she can fly for great distances without tiring.


Razya has often been described as eccentric and strange; she is very kind and warm, though never seems to stop talking, and comments on everything from her Visions to the weather to anything that she may notice in-between. Often, she does not realize she may have said something funny or offensive, and is confused over the antics of her packmates (especially when one or more begins laughing at something she has said). She is very loyal and is a loving mother, and gentle mate, who would much rather raise pups in peace than use her abilities for war.


Karkaras is her mate. She has three deceased pups; Malyx, Viera, and Etie. Her father and mother are unknown to her, but are rumored to still be alive, and she has a brother who she know longer remembers the name of.
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