Rialtos Shatterbane
It's my life or yours; your honor and mine. Think you can defeat me? Think again.

Rialtos Shatterbane

name]] Rialtos Shatterbane.
gender]] male.
species]] Vystrian wolf.
rank]] Bretak.
pack]] Vehn.
family]] none.

This vow I take

Once an outcast, banished to the frozen wasteland of the High North, Rialtos was a cold-hearted he-wolf with nothing but anger and vengeance left to him. He vowed to never care again, to do everything in his power to get back at those who so hurt him - namely the Tradon of the time, Kakrau. However, traveling with his freya, an icy-pelted lynx, has taught him that there's much more to the world than base revenge.

Since rediscovering the Vehn, he has changed tenfold. Unconcerned with revenge - now that Kakrau is considered the omega of the pack instead of a respected elder - he has committed himself to the Vehn's survival. Though he rules with steel jaws, and does not tolerate insubordination from anyone, and has gotten a reputation of one of the Vehn's most steel-fanged betas.

Will end my life

Rialtos is a wolf of energy and aura. He's able to pull from large energy reserves to create pure-aura attacks in the form of laser-like beams of energy, lightning, or plasma. He's very fond of creating orbs of explosive energy between his jaws or his antlers, and firing them at will to devastating effect.

Otherwise, Rialtos is quite athletic and very strong, due to years spent fending off predators in the High North. He can use his antlers as weapons, should he run out of power, as well as his teeth and claws.

But that's my promise

Tall and powerfully built, Rialtos is one of the largest purebred Vystrian wolves in the Vehn pack. With a base coat of dark teal, he has darker underparts and lighter overtones on his back, face and legs. Sharp white markings crisscross his face, shoulders and thighs, while rows of circular 'pearl' like marks flow from his eyes all the way down his sides and to his tail. He has a large set of white antlers that sprout from his skull, sweeping forward; two tips are broken off. Long white fur tips at his ankles, cheeks and chin.

His eyes are a deep, iridescent green that changes color in the light. In strong sun, they may appear almost yellow; in the darkness, they glow blue.


His freya is an Icemarkian lynx with similar, but brighter, coloration and bold teal eyes. He is calm and cool, in contrast to his bonded. Somewhat arrogant, Tarrant looks down upon any wolf but Rialtos - even the current Vehn Tradon.

Tarrant has no magical abilities.

And my problem

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