* spread wings

Tefla is an avian man in his middling years; tall and lean, his experience shows in the line of his face and the hard set of his golden eyes. He stands straight and moves with a nobleman's grace, wings often folded close to his back or around his shoulders.

He has black hair with a few strands of gold and red; his long eagle's wings are glossy black, and marked in bands of gold and deep red. They extend from shoulder to lower back, with the longer feathers brushing the ground as he walks. As such, the very ends of his flight feathers can get fairly worn.

The garb he generally sports is much like a mage's long robes, red and gold, with tall boots and a sword scabbard at his right side. In times of cold or bad weather, he wears a thick maroon cloak closed with a golden brooch in the shape of a falling feather.

* curved swords

Trained since he was a child, Tefla is an exceptional swordsman; however, in times of need, he is able to utilize poisons to his advantage, usually coating a slim dagger or knife. When all else fails, he's able to summon his reiatsu - but it drains him so that this is used as a last resort only.

* steel voice

Stern and tempered as folded steel, Tefla is a strong - but firm-handed - leader. He isn't afraid to rise to any challenge to protect his beloved city nestled in the snow, even if it means lifting a sword against one who was once a friend.

However, he does have a gentler side; to those he loves, he is kind and compassionate, and very, very protective. He would sacrifice his life for those he protects a hundred times over; no matter what the cost.

Tefla Steelwing
the avian lord


name :: Tefla
surname:: Steelwing
rank:: Lord of a city; ruler of Ibenia

gender :: male
species :: avian
age :: mid-forties
birthdate :: 32nd day of Kelvar

reiatsu :: deep gold
mindscape :: tall, pointed mountains and bright blue skies; craggy rocks and limited plants. filled with birds.
primary weapon :: a long, curved scimitar
secondary weapon :: poisons and potions; specifically poisoned daggers

likes :: sunlight, warmth, children, brightness, gold, baked goods, sweets, cats, leading, swords
dislikes :: darkness, sickness, elderly people, dogs, loud noise, sour food

relations ::
Daama; pairbond.
Luna; daughter.
Gene; son.
Kumo; friend.
Shyun; friend.
Cipher; friend.
Allen; acquaintance.
Rina; acquaintance.



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