C A.U.G.H.T in a STORM

i enjoy the rain

Thunderfang is a kamine; a hybrid between dragon and wolf. His parents were pureblooded kamine both, and unknown to him since the day he found himself abandoned in the snow as a pup.

He has white fur covering all but hide-bound wings; deep purple markings splash across his chest and face, shoulders and long, serpentine tail. His forepaws have socks of the same color angling up towards his fetlocks, and his hind paws are white, save for some black from the top of the foot all the way to the hock. Each wing finger is dipped in purple, and tipped with claws, shading to black partway through.

Black markings reminiscent of lightning bolts curl on top of the purple across his face, on his shoulders, the top of his tail and base of his wings. The wing webbing itself is dark grey - the same color as his overlarge claws. At the tip of his long tail, its touched in purple, the very edge black as if dipped in a can of paint.

His eyes are purple, and change with the light; sometimes they may be a light violet, usually in high sunlight - at other times, at night and in a storm, they can range from the purple of his markings to a shade very near blue.

H .O.W.L.I.N.G in the WIND

no-one hears your cries

Gruff and irritable at the best of times, Thunder has lost his cocky nature and fallen into the role of a grumpy oldtimer, though he enjoy the company of pups and never turns down the chance to offer grandfatherly advice.

To friends, he is gentle, yet stern, and a good leader in times of need; he organizes patrols and hunts with the Myrs, dispelling arguments among pack members and bolstering courage when needed. Unafraid to deal punishment where warranted, he is strict in upholding the Myr laws, and though he shows mercy, can be very hard on those who break them.

To enemies, he is a demon of lightning and magic, a whirlwind of teeth and claws. To those that harm his packmates, he is a demon like no other; his age hasn't slowed the lightning-swift anger, nor the danger of his mood. When he was young, he would often taunt rivals to madness before putting them to death or running them away - now he forgoes the taunts simply to deliver swift judgement, and hard fang.


conquer energy long withheld

His name carries the sound lightning makes when it strikes; the peal of thunder, roar of the sky. Thunderfang holds control of electricity, wind and rain, and in his youth was able to control and steer the wildest storms.

As he's aged, he has lost a slight bit of his power and speed. He has however strengthened in the control and focus of wind and lightning, as well as infusing electricity with physical strikes. Able to bite down on an enemy and deliver a near-fatal shock, he's no longer able to summon enough energy to kill instantly. If he must slay, he stuns with his lightning first - and then ends whatever he faces with a strike from either talons or fangs.

C R.E.D.I.T where it's DUE

to the spirits that lay within

Coding (c) Blazeh, art (c) Cantaloupefish, Wookie, Kirra and myself.

basics →

(name)-; Thunderfang Kyransulta
(gender)-; male
(age)-; past retirement age.
(rank)-; Firehn
(primary pelt color)-; white
(secondary pelt color)-; purple
(eye color)-; varying shades of purple
(mate)-; Sorrowsong (deceased)
(offspring)-; a son; status unknown
Ayunaye-; leader; surrogate granddaughter.
Karkaras-; grudging friend.
Araneo-; one to watch.
Var-; hated enemy.
Moku-; grudging enemy.
Basalt-; hated enemy.
Favron-; failed friend.


born in Icemark, in the northern wastes; abandoned in the snow.
found way to Vehn, cast out, wanders farther south; find and is taken in by the Myr, generations before Ayunaye.
serves as an Elite for many years, made Firehn under Ri'nikkarn. meets Sorrowsong - falls in love. has a single son, but he is stolen away before receiving his drienar.
Sorrowsong is killed while battling the Summoning. returns hopeless, bolstered by his pack. recovers.
watches Ayunaye born and the prospering of the pack. serves her father, then her, for many years. retains rank of Firehn.
continues to serve to this day. (wants to retire. :P)