V A L K R Y N *


Valkryn is a large western dragon, with sharp scales and thick plates. Long, twisted horns jut back from his skull out above his forehead, curving forwards like a bull's. The brown plates flow from the top of his skull back down to between his large, webbed wings, down his shoulders and thighs, before continuing down his tail. Frills run from his brow all the way down to the base of his tail, before rising again in a trident-like fan. His wings, spread out to a span of 25', the same length as his body from nose-tip to tail. His face is narrow and triangular, with a row of teeth glimpsed from his upper jaw just beneath the jowl spurs.

Primarily, his scale color ranges from a deep rust-red to dark browns and tans, struck through with a variety of tiger-like brown stripes, some of which hold cyan centers or spots. Valkryn's horns, claws, and some of his spikes are a creamy bone color, while his spinal ridges, nose spurs and wing ribbing are all a deep shade of brown. The webbing on his wings and frills are all a dark brown, marked with stripes and eyespots of cyan and cerulean blue. His eyes are a bright turquoise, flecked in ligher and darker shades that can be seen in hard light.


Valkryn was once a noble thrillseeker, an explorer hailing from the Stargazer Clan. However, after nearly losing his life in one such escapade he exiled himself from the majority of his kind for several centuries, and has only recenly begun venturing back out into the world with his charge, Cassara. He cannot trust someone right away, and it usually takes him a long time to start to trust someone with even the smallest of things. And once you ruin his trust, it is most likely that you won't be get it back. His distrust has grown over the years so that he often approaches strangers warily, and has become immensely protective of Cassara and her family, who he has taken under his wing.

Unfortunately, a streak of anger has settle itself within Val's soul, and he is known to be grumpy and aloof even at the best of times. His ire can be seen immediately in glowing flashes from his cyan markings and the glow of his eyes, which become brighter the stronger his emotions. Flickers of lightning-charged flame can be seen arcing between his horns and across his scales when particularly angered.


Descended from a dragon hatched within the Stargazers who was gifted with the element of lightning, and a red-scaled fire dragoness from Vystriana, Valkyrn has had the fortune to inherit both elements. However, he can only use his elemental magic together and never apart - his flames consistently crackle with electricity, and he can't separate them regardless of how much he trains. His mastery of both is evident in the strength of his breath and control, though the flames are not as hot as true fire, except in very small doses. The use of his lightning-flames for an extended period of time is very taxing, especially if utilizing it as anything but a breath-weapon, and can tire him to the point of overtax if he isn't careful. He possesses no other magical abilities.


NAME Valkryn
SURNAME Starset (inherited)
ORIENTATION straight, bi-curious
AGE ~1000 years
BREED/HERITAGE western dragon; Stargazer Clan

OCCUPATION explorer, protector, guardian
STATUS wandering
HOME REALM Felnova; country of Alubria
CURRENT REALM Evylon; varied regions

MOTHER Mearstrasza (Me-ear-straw-saw)
FATHER Kriar Starset Stargazer (Kree-are)
Panax- friend (deceased)
Shyun- friend
Cassara-- friend
Blind- friend
Anna- friend


This character, along with all coding, is credited to Lizzeh (Val's original owner) and Verridith! Art is done by Verridith and Veltic!