Vladimir *
coding & character (c) Blazeh; art to Cudo, Winter and myself

The Basics

FULL NAME:: Vladimir Shadowtale
SPECIES:: mori shadowbeast
GENDER:: male
AGE:: 2000+
BIRTHDATE:: unknown
POSITION:: ether
ELEMENT:: dark

ties that bind

Daama:: sister. Zacyn:: father. Scylla:: mother.
Cloud:: son. Edge:: friend. Ram'r:: friend. Shyun:: friend.


Vladimir has the basic build and structure of an average mori shadowbeast. He's lean and thin, built like a greyhound, with smooth black hide and lush obsidian fur. His slender, deerlike legs are tipped in two sharp hoof-like claws, the front hooked like talons. He has four spikes that protrude from his neck, disappearing into the soft mane-fur that erupts from his shoulders.

His face is narrow and tapered, with feathers along his cheek and jaw, just underneath a pair of long ears. Above these, he has two straight, sharp horns.

human form

As an Ether, Vladimir has abilities most do not - and that includes the power to shift into a human. In this form, he is tall and lean, with wild, floofy black hair and black stripes on his cheeks beneath pale white eyes. He wears black mage robes, and often carries a thin longsword.


Arrogant to a fault, sarcastic and abrasive, Vladimir is prone to annoying an enemy to the point of madness - a task he finds incredibly enjoyable. Taunting is his specialty, and he takes pride int he fact that he can overwhelm many a foe and turn their own energy against them by tiring them to the point of exhaustion. He's an irrepressible joker, and always loves a good prank.

Deeper, however, is a rather gentle soul who seeks solace in the laughter of others - including his own. Molded by the pressure of guarding the Shadowrealm as its Ether, as well as a difficult recent decade, he has learned to turn anything he can into something to be enjoyed. After Kairn's inflicted madness, he is very careful around those he loves, wracked with guilt over the things the Lord of Hell forced him to do.


Vladimir is, as his species and Ethership may suggest, a master at the shadow element. He is able to control it at will, and direct it either offensively or defensively with exceptional ease. Likewise, he may absorb the shadows around him to heal various injuries, or enhance his own attacks.

He cannot, however, be healed by any means that involve the element of light - healing magic is toxic to him, and light is very dangerous. He often resents sunny days because of this, as bright, hot sunlight may eventually sap his strength.