be consumed by my fire...
name:: vrakh. species:: werecat. gender:: male. age:: 327 (adult). affiliation:: rogue. relations:: Anna- friend?

Silver Eyes


Born of two elves who had been bitten in their youth, Vrakh is a bred werecat; he chooses to spend the majority of his time in his feline form, and rarely shifts back. In this form, he appears to resemble a domesticated black cat proportionally, but is around the size of a mountain lion.

His fur is smooth and black as obsidian, matte and completely lacking in gloss - if asked, he claims this is intentional, as it helps him blend in with the darkness that is his calling. His eyes are a bright, reflective silver - and the scars that crisscross his body are of a darker, but similar, shade.


Born of elven parents, in his natural form, Vrakh takes the appearance of a Vystrian elf. His skin is pale, and tans easily; his ears are pointed, and he has long and unkempt black hair. His slanted eyes are reflective like a cat's with slit pupils, colored a bright silver like his feline form. He is lean and muscular, and tends to wear clothing that does not restrict movement. All of his scars are visible from his feline form - though they do not appear silvery, they are lighter in color than his skin, and show up boldly in hard light.

Angry Kitty

Rogue by nature, Vrakh has known little but hardship over his long life; his family was cruelly slaughtered when he was a kit by dragons, and he has held a great distaste for them all his life. Because his mother was killed while pregnant with his unborn sister, he detests violence against pregnant females of any kind, and seeing these will set his blood to a boil.

Aloof and somewhat wary of those he doesn't know, Vrakh cares little about anyone but himself, and will go to any length to save himself before saving others. Love is unknown to him, and affection is nonexistent; however, a select few have earned his respect and trust, and he may break his selfish rules for only them.

He relishes in the fight; battle is something he excels at,and he never backs down from a challenge.

Black Fire

As a werecat, he has the inherent ability to shift between forms during the phases of the moon (or moons); however, over the long years, he has overcome the boundaries of the werecat and has mastered the ability to shift and transform at will. However, the transformation - though no longer an agonizing process - still carries with it some amount of discomfort. His first transformation took over an hour, but with constant practice, he is able to shift completely within around twenty seconds.

Because of the agony caused by his transformations, Vrakh has an exceedingly high pain tolerance, and can withstand most things that would cripple or otherwise incapacitate others. Because of this, he doesn't mind getting hurt - his scars being a physical testament to this.

One of the most prolific abilities he is able to use, however, is that of darkfire - black flames forged of darkness that burn without smoke, but with deadly, searing heat. It cannot be put out with water, and instead must be countered with light magic, lest it be allowed to spread and spark true flame. This fire is hot enough to melt most metals, and he can summon and use it with great ease. However, when low on energy, the fire may spread beyond his control, and char even that which he seeks to protect... including his own life.


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