648 years old || 30th day of Raion no Tsuki

The Broken Lord

My story is not long. I've not walked these worlds for a thousand years yet, and I have frozen in my twenty-eighth year. However, I have faced more trials than some many times my age, and they have shaped me into the man I am today.

I am half Pestilence demon, and half high elf. I never knew my parents and grew up a rogue, wandering from place to place, working for my stay in inns and taverns until I was old enough to carry a job. I had just faced the demon's Freeze when I met the love of my life; an elven woman named Iallriel. Years passed and we pairbonded, and held a ritual wedding beneath the Heartwoodian trees. But she was taken from me - she and our unborn child. I fought to save her life, and my own was taken as well.

I wandered for years as an unclaimed spirit, unable to reach the Soulplane, trapped in splinter Realms that never lasted long. As my soul was ushered from one splinter to the next, I found myself waning as I began to fade. But then, I met another on this unusual path - a dark elf who's spirit blazed like fire. We were drawn into the war of another, and... I thought my spirit had been destroyed.

When I woke next, I was in the Void. Two great, divine creatures stood before me; a glorious lion and a magnificent hawk. They spoke to me of troubles in my homeland, Kurai, and offered me a second chance. They said I would even get to see Iallriel again, though I did not understand at the time what they meant. So I gave my consent, and they returned me to life. I saved the one known as Jekt from Kairn's reiatsu storm... I brought him away from a dying Realm, securing his life as the gods had asked of me. For this, I was again approached by Orphethas, who granted me Lordship of Pestilence.

I did not see it as a gift; Lordship was a curse. The power that came with becoming a royal did not satisfy, and I had no desire to leave. I soon sought escape, a way out - and I fell upon old tomes that described giving the Lordship to another at the cost of one's royal blood. I entrusted this to a man named Dikul, a demon friend who I would have never suspected betrayal of. I was wrong.

Dikul betrayed me, and after the ritual was complete, left me for dead in the catacombs beneath the hawk god's shrine. Loyal hellwolves took me away, and allies in Famine nursed me back to health. However, I was... broken. Flawed. When I left there, I left without a word - and found myself ensnared in the web of the Faction of Hope, who took my shattered sense of control and molded me anew. I could no longer tell right from wrong, friend from foe; all I knew is what they told me, what they taught me, all I did was what I was ordered to do. I became a ruthless leader, and took many innocent lives.

Then, I was defeated; I... do not remember this time. There was pain, and blindness, and nothing - and I spent months wondering who I was and what I had done after that. Though the memories have slowly returned, that I have never been able to recover.

But perhaps it is a new beginning? A chance for redemption, and a way for me to regain the life I had lost before. Only time may tell.

Xavanth Venomclaw || male || demon/elf || pestilence

Black Heart, White Diamond

Xavanth a tall demon with wild, unkempt black hair and an elven build. He appears to be in his late-twenties, wearing a sleeveless white tunic decorated with a variety of accessories, overlaid by a black leather coat. His dark breeches hold a knife and sword sheath hanging from a leather belt and a number of small pouches that hold an assortment of objects. His right eye is golden with a round pupil; his left is stark red, cat-slitted and quite different. Three scars, noticeable only in strong light, curl around the scarlet eye. Another scar can be seen on his chin, lighter than the others. All were gained in the same experience.

Though he shares the pointed ears and general typing of an elf, Xavanth has long, sharp canines and slender claws that tip each finger and toe. He may wear gloves to cover these claws, but filing or cutting them is incredibly painful and he does not attempt it often. His fangs can be concealed easily, and do not show when his mouth is closed.

When using any sort of magic - be it his venom-acid reiatsu or his meager healing abilities - his right eye turns as red as his left, and both will glow with a soft light.

The Shattered Spirit

Once filled with despair and the hopeless agony of losing one's pairbond, Xavanth had wandered for years unable to cross to his spirit's rest, living ever with that stain. After being returned to life, Dikul's betrayal and the Faction's tampering left him angry and resentful of everything, ruthless and dangerous as any feral beast.

However, since he was mind-broken and the taint of the Faction driven from him, Xavanth has begun to show qualities he had before his time with death and all that has happened since - he is quiet and withdrawn, but shares a stark sense of honor and compassion unusual for his demon blood. Around friends, he is kind and possessed of a strong wit and sarcasm, and does not shy from a dry sense of humor that often lightens the mood of those around him.

He has a soft spot for children, and enjoys watching and playing with them. Children seem to be drawn to him, despite his fangs and teeth - he has a relaxing effect on them, and is incredibly protective of any child in harm's way.

Poison Is As Poison Does

Xavanth is able to absorb poisons easily into his bloodstream, immune to their effects. Oftentimes, he can combine their effects with his own acidic aura, and use it as a weapon against enemies. Utilizing his reiatsu, he can melt his way through rock, steel and flesh, though it's incredibly taxing on his strength.

He's able to focus his reiatsu into wings of shadowy aura on his back, and fly for short distances in good weather, though strong winds can tear these easily and send him reeling from the sky. As they have no definite shape, these wings may also be used for other things, such as barriers and shields. The thicker the mass of reiatsu, the more energy is used - therefore, he doesn't often manifest the wings unless for show or very brief periods of flight.

Learned from his former pairbond, he also has a very limited grasp of healing magic, though he is unable to use it upon himself.

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