welcome the nightmare*

Welcome to the dark

"You've wandered too far, my mortal friend; this place is unsafe for your kind. Turn west or south, away from the mountains. There you will find a portal... a portal to escape this place.

Linger too long, and you'll turn into one of them. You don't want that. I can assure you. They've already begun to affect me... and I've not been here long. Turn! Run! Go as far and fast as you can, slip through the portal and away.

Go back to your world. You don't want mine."

- Cipher, former mercenary.

Come into my madness

Hello and welcome to my character portal! Here is where you will find the links to each and every one of my character profiles.

Be aware, some are under construction! If the the button beside them is white and the name red, they are incomplete; if it has no border, they have a thread and no coded page; if it's a deep, dark red, they are complete.

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These are my tortured minions lovely characters. From demons to dragons, from elves to men, and from gryphons to shadowbeasts, I have many to choose from. Have fun looking through!

- dragons:

Gemdrake; western. A young dragoness, not quite an adult, who is half gemdrake and half western dragon. She is very protective of her sister, Seri, and hates her mother (Lyanti).


Western dragon; Orange. Much like a T-Rex in stance and posture. Former king of Vystriana, and Verridith's grandfather. He wants nothing more to do with the world, but finds himself pulled in again and again over many long years. Full name is Fankorialstrazanite.

Western dragon; Black. Servant of Time and traveler of the cosmos. Quite possibly the last Cosmic Dragon in existence.

Western dragon; White. Somewhat arrogant leader of Arrowhead; brother to Atreya. Despite his tendency to disobey, he makes a fair leader, and tries to never lead his subjects astray.


Western dragon; Silver. Former Knight of the Raven, taken and possessed by Megiddo to further his goal of becoming a N'vaen, and leader of Hell.

Heartwoodian Gold. Bonded to the Empress of Halgia, Zenobia, and helps lead the Halgian Empire alongside his rider.

Western dragon; Bronze. Partner to the lion-xeriin Vaun, and leads with him a group of rowdy sky-pirates.

Gemdrake; western. A beautiful and haughty gemdrake dragoness who actively detests creatures that are not dragons. Changes element and appearance with what gemstones she eats.

Western dragoness; Blue. Daughter to Verridith and Narath, and current heir to the Vystrian throne. Quite arrogant herself, she is quick to anger and is steadfastly (almost too) protective of any she comes to trust. Holds a special connection to the Ethers.

Western dragon; Blue. Former king. As a ghost, has taken a human aspect in addition to his dragon and plays at being a guard in Vystriana's military. Father to Nagase.

Western dragoness; Silver. Faction mindbroken slave. Nina's personal mount.

Western dragon; Purple. Incredibly insane, massive dragon. Has no respect for the living - thinks all things are 'toys'. Corrupted by magical experiments on himself long ago. Brother to Fang.

Circadian dragon; Umbran vigilante. A half-mad circadian who lost everything and has a twisted sense of justice he seeks to fulfill.

Heartwoodian Black Dragon. Bonded to Arctus.


Western dragon; Desert Gold. Younger than he looks, due to the Desert Gold's magic; just now discovering his elements. Dragon to his rider, Caele.

Western dragon; Red. Guardian to Cassara. Lizzeh's character originally.

Western dragoness; Gold. Queen of Vystriana. Determined and outgoing, she's a bit headstrong - but a strong leader, capable warrioress, and dependable companion. Mother to Nagase, mate to Sev'ris, and dragon to her rider, Arthas.

Western dragon; Black. Daughter of Kairn and Noamuth. Young yet, but possibly a demigoddess - her abilities have yet to be revealed.

Western dragon; Gemdrake. A rather young gemdrake, only partially covered in gemstones. Prefers a diet of fire opal and obsidian to keep his unique looks.

Western dragon; Purple. An Ancient, mysterious, living in Stroen'na. Has become very fond of the avians that live there. [not yet entered]

- humanoids:

Sol'tera; warrior of the Mau House. Elder brother to Kiya, a tiger shifter that enjoys a good fight.

Half elf, half human; Shyun's daughter. Was taken by Orochi at a very young age, and later found by a wolf that became her Guardian.

Fallen Halgian; captain of a Wing. A flashy captain riding a large Heartwoodian Black, dedicated to protecting Umbra and his fellow Halgians at all cost.

Dragon/demon/pure elf. A bitter prince and heir to Arrowhead, but barred from his inheritance because he cannot shift.

Heartwoodian elf; dragonrider. Paired with Verridith. A gentle-hearted boy, war has nevertheless tainted his innocence, and he is now an able marksman with the bow. Though his courage has yet to make a full comeback, he aids his friends in whatever way he can.

Halgian. A disenchanter that works in the Empire and who dreams of a more adventurous life.

Werewolf; former, disgraced knight. A member of the Ruby Faction under Red's rule, he serves now as a guard to his companions, though he longs for the Order once more, and the lost honor he once had. Real name is Noah.

Elf/human. Protector of Cassara. Lizzeh's character originally.

Elder-bloodline drow; dragonrider and Authoritarian to D'issan. Paired with Talos. Despite a troubled past, he's vowed to push on. Steadfastly loyal to friends, he'd do anything to protect them.

Elf. Pairbond to Shyun. Lizzeh's character originally.

Demon hybrid, War and Famine; mercenary. Saved from insanity by his parents' sacrifice, Cipher never learned about why his heritage hadn't destroyed him. A mercenary who wields various types of wavelengths, he periodically shows up with his partner, Ansil'na, to serve in wartime for a sum of jaden.

Half shadowbeast, half dragon; trapped in human form. Child of Edge and Vladimir, a little boy who fears more than most. He's completely dedicated to his mother, though he knows nothing of his father.

Famine demon; personal servant to Slain. Somewhat easygoing, if stern, and very gentle with children. Has an affinity for manipulating air to deliver precise, deadly cuts.

Half elf, half dark elf; dark mage. Lives in Godshome, seeking shadowy spells and legends. Has an apprentice, Zoik, who seems to be the only one he cares about. Half brother to Valyn.

Dragoness bound to human form; thief. Once the heiress to Hell an daughter to Kairn, she seeks now only to shelter her little boy. Has joined Red's gang, and now learns the way of the Ruby. Mother to Cloud.

War demon; servant of the Faction of Hope. Though very young, Feanor was a member of the Order of Mages, and was trained as a summoner.

Half elf, half Death demon. Megiddo's precious daughter. Very bright, and exceptionally happy - loves everything and everyone she meets. Her father is, needless to say, very protective of her.

Elemental; aura. A kind woman with a twisted past, currently attempting to make her own way in the world. Bonded to a small purple feylizard, and common companion of Caele.

Half demon, half dragon; former scribe to Zacyn and Lord of Famine. Though an Ancient, he looks quite young; his eyes hold the truth of all he's seen. Jekt has a good heart, and a shattered soul.

Part phoenix, part human. Child of Ram'r and Amory. He loves music, stories and epic tales, and hopes to someday be a bard himself. Thinks the world of his father.

Wolf xeriin; something of a vagabond. Wishes dearly to be a dragonrider, though no dragon has accepted him yet. Best friend to Vaun.

Elf; Heartwoodian. Member of the Ruby Faction, born of a noble house. Has the ability to steal power.


Sol'tera. An arrogant lion shifter native to Ristell. Enjoys tricking those she meets into thinking she is a sphinx.


Half shadowbeast, half elf. Filled with hatred of many things, though regrets his impulsive actions that grieve his friends. Beneath the hard shell lay a very soft heart. Son of Jurai.

Avian; Hell's messenger. Once a human, changed into an avian and granted raven's wings by Kairn after many years in Hell. Now, he struggles to find his place under Megiddo's firm hand, while trying to forget the past.


Half avian, half lightbeast; child of Tefla and Daama. A very unusual hybrid, Luna is the strongest of three siblings; one of her brothers died, and the other is very frail. Able to harness healing energy through contact with the Ancients, faded spirits that dwell in the Soulplane.

Half human, half vampire; Knight of the Sword. Though he knows nothing of his parents, and none of his vampire blood has shown, he shares his father's sense of honor and duty. Son of Bird.

Demon; Lord of Hell. Came by means extraordinary and nearly-impossible to his current rank and class. Though sadistic and cruelly driven, he has a streak of inexplicable kindness and sense of honor that makes him an unlikely fair leader.

Human, wolven Anima; rogue and self-admitted wanderer. Taken as a child to Kurai, he was forever changed, infused with the spirit of a half-demon son to Lethias. That demon, Kritou, has driven him to seek solitude from the world; now he seeks only to protect his son and recover from the terrible effects of a pairbond's breaking. Father to Kaiba. [and Gale.]

Demon; War. Brother to Zirkath. A young demon who was once a slave.

Half human, half elf; thieflord. Rules a gang under the Ruby Faction, and is a former Knight of the Raven alongside Bird. He is an excellent leader with a quick wit and stern hand, a joking and likable demeanor that could win nearly anybody over. Though he has his secrets, he is fully committed to his gang, and would do anything to protect those he cares about. Foster-father and mentor to Zunin. True name is Aduril Sil'vaen.



Elder-bloodline drowess; dreamthief and spirit-walker. A dark she-elf of incredible wit, she is a cunning and ruthless fighter, able to wield lightning easily. When she isn't using her elemental affinity to kill enemies, she's driving them down with a blade. She's also able to enter the dreams of those sleeping, and walk the Spirit-Realm's vast depths.


Human; Millirandian. A Faction commander who has had his world turned upside down, no longer completely convinced that dragons are the enemy. Has a heart condition, and has an enchanted sword that mitigates this through proximity. Extremely protective of his little brother, Rolo.

Xeriin; myth-Kin. Affinity of the gryphon. Former Guardian of a Marker, now a member of the Silver Claw.

Human; mercenary, swordsman. An easygoing, joking and all-around friendly character, Shyun is someone anyone would want as a friend. Though touched with the Contajion, he fights regardless. His spirit-weapon is the godblade, Lowan.

Half demon, half dragon; Lord of Famine. Incredibly reckless due to his natural ability to heal almost instantly, he's marked with the Curse of Name - that he uses to his advantage. Half brother to Jekt.

Avian; Lord of Ibenia. Lord Tefla is wholeheartedly dedicated to protect the city his pairbond, Daama, gave him long ago; he will go to any lengths to protect it and his children, Icaron and Luna.

Death demon. Once named Falduin, Tragic was an elf that - through a curse casted by a vindictive lover - was changed into a demon. Forced to kill to survive, he's taken a new name and escaped Evylon with an oath never to return, unless he's able to return to what he once was. Accompanied by Flit.

Xeriin; myth-Kin. Affinity of a dragon. Former guard of Falen, now a member of the Silver Claw.

Elf; something of a pacifist. Was once an elven Lord, dragonrider, Ranger; since Zephyr's death, he's thrown down the sword and vowed never to fight again. Brother to Darius.


Werecat; rogue. Bitter werecat that shares a unique bond with little Anna.

Half-demon, half-elven former Demon Lord of Pestilence. Wanders Kurai a broken spirit - forever hating himself for the crimes he's committed against his own Kingdom and crown.

Sol'tera. Thief.

Human; thief. Badly scarred from a past lover, Zunin holds a hatred and distrust of women over anything. Though he's slowly coming to love a fellow gang member, Darte, he pushes her away incessantly - afraid to fall into the same trap twice. Foster-son and apprentice to Red.

Dragon, trapped in human form; mage apprentice. Currently being taught by the Order of Mages, mostly in dark and shadow magic. His master is Darius, Archmage of Godshome.

- wolves:

Hellwolf; War. A sarcastic and angry War hellwolf who is known for her savage cruelty.

Vystrian wolf; Vhela of the Myr. A kindhearted, motherly she-wolf, she hates seeing any of her pack injured or in danger. She holds unique powers over light and even time, and is strong when the situation calls. Mate to Araneo, and granddaughter to Cirrus. Mother to Arunos.

Vystrian wolf; Reaper. A Demonic Reaper in service to the Kingdom of Death. Bonded to the spirit of Rulei.

Vystrian wolf infused with the spirit of a fire elemental. Guard of the Vehn. His great horns give him away as any sort of hunter; Favron is more suited to offensive attacks and the defense of his pack. Often sets things on fire without meaning to.

Vystrian wolf; Elite of the Myr. An unusual wolf with feather-winged ears.

Vystrian wolf; elder of the Agila. An old, elderly wolf, he once held the title of Tradon in the Vehn - ad was forced to watch Var slaughter his son ad packmates. Grandfather to Moku.

Ayunaye's and Araneo's firstborn pup. Currently drienarless - can see and speak with ghosts.

Vystrian dire; elite of the Myr. An irritable direwolf who's harnessed the power of darkness, Karkaras often comes off rude and unlikeable. Nevertheless, he's a good father and an even better fighter - his children, pack and charge, Zoik, are the most important things in the world. Mate to Razya, Guardian to Zoik.

Hellwolf; Famine; A floofy and feathery brown-pelted hellwolf who enjoys turning himself to stone to annoy those talking to him. He's very loyal to Slain, but can be a nuisance with his cocky and arrogant attitude.

Vystrian wolf; member of the Vehn. Driven by a desire to undo the wrongs of the past, Moku believes wholeheartedly in upholding Vehn tradition; and preventing his pack from falling into the trap of despair it did once before. A master of wind, he has a logical, strategic mind. Though anger can taint his thoughts sometimes, he has exceptional cunning paired with a silver tongue.



Vystrian wolf; Seer of the Myr. Eccentric and rather strange, Razya is a feathered she-wolf with large, foxlike ears. She may peer into others' dreams, and stare deep into multiple futures.

Vystrian wolf; Bretak of the Vehn. Ruthless and stone-hearted, Rialtos rules with a vicious paw, upholding Var's beliefs in freedom over all else, even his pack's own wishes. Though he is respected for his strength, he is often feared as well.

Vystrian wolf; former dark god of the wolves. To all appearances, he looks like a stranger, more powerful hellwolf - but this disgraced god is anything but. A vengeful killer born, there is nothing but malice and hatred in his heart.


Kamine; Firehn of the Myr. An aged, old kamine, Thunder has been with the Myr for several of her leader's generations. Now growing old, he thinks this may be his last run as Firehn, and should step down very soon. Seen as a grandfather figure to many. Once mate to Sorrowsong.


Vystrian wolf; member of the Vehn. A vindictive whore, Vybria balances her... more unique qualities with those of compassion and loyalty to her friends and her pack. She's mated with more males than she can keep track of, and her current toy is Favron.

- gryphons:

Gryphon; Demonic Reaper. A very noble she-gryphon infused with the spirit of Rathamoria, a Death demon. Adair seems to have two sides, other than the Reaper; she is kind, gentle and loving to some, vindictive, cruel and vicious to others. Which side you may meet depends wholly on your actions towards her... and if the demon inside is hungry for souls.


Gryphon; grandmane. A ferocious and rather vicious fighter for her Flight, and totally loyal to Adair. Prone to fits of berserker fury and damaging, chaotic reiatsu bursts.

Gryphon; necromancer. Shunned by all but a few members of his Flight, Terror is a gryphon enveloped in darkness. He wears the bones of his first resurrection - a young Albino dragon, black-boned, who was his very first success.

Gryphon; grandmane. Old gryphon who once led a Flight and has now taken refuge with Adair.

- lions:

Vystrian lion; former leader of the Mahdros Pride. Completely black save for white rune-markings along his back, shoulders, thighs and face; as Nebrielas, he's completely white. He is an older male with a grandfatherly disposition, and a hold over arcane magics. Lion god.

Vystrian lion; member of the Madhros Pride. Lizzeh's character originally.

Vystrian lion; leader of the Faen pride.

Vystrian lion; Aular's son; taken by Lyfe to a Dreadlion pride. Is now being raised away from the Mahdros and compelled to hate his former pride.

Lion xeriin; sky-pirate. Haughty and arrogant, though friendly to most, Vaun loves taking to the skies with his dragon, Loki. With his band of pirates behind him, their aerial raids are feared across Felnova.

Vystrian lion; member of the Faen pride.

- equines:

Unicorn; Equus. A young equus currently traveling with Red and his gang. Knows very little about what she is.

Unicorn; Equus. Flighty filly and part of the Duscae herd.


Unicorn; equus. Demonic Reaper. Half crazed equine who kills for the Kingdom of Death.


Unicorn; Equus. Cocky colt and part of the Duscae herd.

Unicorn; Equus. Seasoned warrior, appaloosa stallion and zelda'nn of the Duscae herd.

- others:

Golem; Divine Dragon. A mysterious Divine and one of the few who is not controlled directly by her Halgian creators. Bonded to the xeriin, Kain, and once mate to Kiranth in life. Has several Soulgems within her, and speaks with many voices; however, the dragoness is the one who leads them.

Lightbeast; Ether of Evylon. Pure of heart and of mind, Daama is considered a deity by the peoples of Evylon; her light and kindness is worshiped by the Halgian people most of all. She doesn't have it in her heart to resent the worship, though she's not a god - instead she visits as often as she can, and tries to keep peace and prosperity the name of the land.


Elemental; aura. An unusual individual that has an odd mix of forms, and always shows his aura markings no matter which he finds himself in. An explorer and adventurer who loves to delve into the deepest of ruins to find their ancient secrets.

Shadowbeast; Ether of the Dark Realm. Once exceptionally cocky, always with a grin and a joke, Vladimir has lain deep in guilt ever since Kairn's mental hold over him broke. He remains half a soul, unforgiven, waiting the day that he can repent for his sins.

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